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Our Story

Annabell is a tale of love for food, love for the finer things, love for love itself.

In 2016, I had completed a 3-year stint in London. There, away from my family and everything else that I knew, I sought comfort in food and friendship. At night, after my lectures, I’d visit the local eateries with my close friends. I realised that the best ingredients of both food and friendship are the same – honesty, simplicity and freshness.

Upon my return, I wanted to bring those cherished moments to life in my hometown, Bangalore. Thereby, started Annabell – Purple Orange Hospitality’s first Quick Service Restaurant. Named after the beautiful essence of french and latin culture, Annabell brings my personal continental favourites with the same fresh ingredients, high quality meat and simple yet succulent in taste.

My brother, Hammad and I wish to take Annabell across India and leave everyone with the same aftertaste that my memories in London have left me with.

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What Foodies & Bloggers Say

I had Choco Oreo Milkshake and Pesto sandwich. It was really yummy. I’ll come back again for sure.

Dilip Narayan

I found the pizza very interesting. I wanted a small bite and I ordered a slice, but it pretty much became my dinner.

Sushma Varnekar

Hand to God, the largest burger I’ve ever had. Most delicious lamb I’ve ever had.

Akash Sharma

Succulent flavours, sumptuous quantity and freshness in every bite. I’m really impressed.

Mita Sinha